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Our company doesn’t only strive to exceed our customers expectations, but we strive to ensure our employees and partners have a an exceedingly positive experience. Join our team of eggcellent individuals, who work hard to ensure you and your family receive the freshest and highest quality eggs in Western New York.


Clarence, NY
Basom, NY
Brockport, NY
Wolcott, NY

Poultry Care

The care of the animals has been a priority and high standards have been set to insure the safety and health of the chickens. The Poultry Care Attendant is responsible for overseeing the care of the pullets (young chicks) and/or laying hens and assisting with bird moves, feeding, and housekeeping of the barns.
Clarence & Basom, NY     Wolcott, NY


This position is part of our maintenance team and is critical to raising healthy, productive hens, which our success depends on.
The Flex team is responsible for; turning around barns between flocks, power washing and sanitizing barns, performing maintenance and preparing the environmentally controlled barns for a new flock of baby chicks or laying hens.
Clarence & Basom, NY     Wolcott, NY



Would you like an opportunity to be part of the largest organic crop operation in New York State? The work primarily includes all chores associated with field preparation; growing and harvesting field crops. It also includes chores associated with maintenance work on farm equipment and buildings. This is a full-time, year-round job and requires travel to multiple locations.
Brockport, NY


Our goal is to safely and efficiently produce composted fertilizer products. The main responsibility of the compost attendant is operation, maintenance, and cleaning of the composting facilities and equipment.


Pellet Mill Driver

The Pellet Mill Driver loads and delivers compost and fertilizer. The secondary responsibility is to keep equipment in top condition through cleaning and preventative maintenance. This position will also assist in bagging duties as needed. Must have experience with fork lift, skid steer and loader.


Egg Processor

Have you ever wondered how your delicious eggs are perfectly placed into their cartons? The Processing Attendant works in the packing plant assisting with the packing of eggs into their secondary containers. The Processing Attendant position is of high importance in maintaining the Food Safety and Food Quality of all eggs that we produce and sell.
Clarence & Basom, NY     Wolcott, NY

Farm Supervisior

Do you have experience as a supervisor in a farm environment? Do you posses the skills necessary to lead a team? If you have experience with documentation, leadership, and communication, we invite you to apply for our Farm Supervisor position.
Clarence, NY


We offer a wide variety of maintenance positions, including; electrical technician, diesel mechanic, farm equipment operator, and groundskeeping. For more information about these positions (if available) click here.

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Clarence, NY, USA


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